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My First Couple of Weeks with the Revue

I set my revue up with a Comcast DCX3400 set top and an Emotiva UMC-1 pre-pro. Luckily I found the note on the Motorola DCX limitation (only 2 additional HDMI elements in the chain) and rewired directly to my TV (and reprogrammed my Harmony One). I use the Revue to stream pictures from my WHS using TVersity (the windows share software crushes the resolution). I am disappointed that the Revue doesn't support flac audio files. I couldn't get many of my videos (mpeg and wmv) to play either. Pandora works well but I would like to know if I am getting the higher bandwidth of my premium subscription. I was able to reprogram skip and previous channel for my set top. The guide works great compared to Comcast but the inability to see programs in the future is a non-starter. Picture in picture works OK but it is sometimes convoluted to get it to come on and the window can't be moved that I can tell. The browser works well if slightly slow (the Revue is on Ethernet). I would really like to understand how to make the browser go forward since I often overshoot on the back button. Cntrl L is useful for getting to the address bar. Youtube leanback works well. Overall I like the product but it feels unfinished. I really hope that the platform continues to develop. My expectation is that this is an extension to my cable service and not a replacement.

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Re: My First Couple of Weeks with the Revue

Your expectations are well put and I do believe this product will make leaps and bound soon.


The app store is key.

Getting all the codecs working is key.

I think some more power to the already powerful search is needed

Winning the battle with the networks will truly set this ship sailing.


I don't really stream any content from my PC so the revue has been an Awesome Device for me thus far.


If you can't tell if you are getting the higher bandwidth from Pandora does it really matter thenSmiley Very Happy

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