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Buzzing Sounds



I recently built a new computer and bought the logitech x540 5.1 speakers. I love everything about them except one thing: they seem to buzz. When I am watching DVDs or playing music at a pretty loud volume everything is great. However, when the movie or music gets quiet, the background buzzing is revealed. If there is no audio playing at all, and I turn the volume up, the buzzing increases in volume and has almost a pulsating feel. I've double and triple checked that my wires are not loose. I've even disconnected them completely and re-did my cables just to make sure. Could it be a wire issue? I have a built in sound card with my MoBo and haven't had any problems with the MoBo (headphones sound just fine).


After some research, I've noticed that many other people have this same background buzzing but nobody has really come up with a clear solution. Any ideas? Thank you in advance.