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Correct placement for rear/surround speakers in 5.1 setup? (Z-5500)

I have the Logitech Z-5500 speakers (5.1) and I'm a bit confused on the correct speaker position for the surround/rear speakers.


According to THX, in a desktop setup the surround/rear speakers should be placed BEHIND you but this seems to be the opposite of movie/theater 5.1 setups (where the surrounds are placed only slightly behind you and to the side).


I've read some posts saying that gaming surround is encoded differently than movie surround and that placing the speakers completely behind you (i.e. on a back wall) is the correct setup.


Can anybody confirm this or have any additional information?

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Re: Correct placement for rear/surround speakers in 5.1 setup? (Z-5500)

Hello SofaKng,


Personally, I would recommend the set-up indicated in the Z-5500 - Setup Installation Guide but I also think that the it would be better if you personally try out the different set-ups and check which will sound better for you. In the end, I think personal preference would be the deciding factor.



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