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Logitech z506 5.1 surround sound speakers

I have tried to fix my volume problem for my front right speaker with the volume control volume was very low and only up until i tried unplugging the speakers and plugging them back into my desktop did they stop working (or just putting out little to no sound) all but the front left speaker and the sub, i have found nothing on this subject and ive tried everything i know but i cant figure out the problem please help!

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Re: Logitech z506 5.1 surround sound speakers

Hello SnackyCakes,


If you are having low volume output from the right front speaker of your Logitech Z506 Speaker System, try the following to help resolve the issue:


  • Make sure the DB-9 connector of the front right speaker is securely plugged in to the subwoofer. Check if there are any bent pins on the DB-9 connector.
  • Test your Logitech Z506 Speaker System on a different audio source (another computer, MP3 player, ipod, etc).

If the issue persists after troubleshooting, it's likely a hardware failure. Your Logitech Z506 Speaker System comes with a two year limited hardware warranty so if it's a hardware failure, please contact the point of purchase or the Logitech Support Team of your region to process a warranty replacement.


I hope this helps.:smileyhappy:



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Re: Logitech z506 5.1 surround sound speakers

I had the same problem with my Logitech 5.1 speakers which are probably an older model than yours. One day the front right speaker became much quieter than the other speakers. The way my set works is that the front and back speakers plug into the subwoofer with RCA jacks and the center speaker with has the controls on it is a pin connector that you plug in to the subwoofer.


So anyways after reading what support said in regards to your problem I was still having trouble with the speaker. I swapped the two front speakers to their respective RCA slots and the front left was now quieter. Because of this I knew it wasn't the speaker but the subwoofer itself. I took the subwoofer apart and didn't see any burned out connections on the board. So then I decided to take a flashlight and look inside the RCA jack. It turns out the jack in question had a worn away area where the tip of the RCA plug makes contact. So I put the Subwoofer back together and this is what I did to fix it.


I took a tiny piece of tin foil and crumpled it into a tiny little ball of tin foil about the width of the RCA hole. I put it at the opening and then plugged the cable in pushing it down towards the worn away part at the bottom. I then tested all of my speakers and they all have the correct volume now. Obviously this isn't an ideal fix but seeing as how I've had my speakers for around 8 or 9 years the warranty is no longer any good and doing this enabled me to give them renewed life.


Hope this helps you or anybody else experiencing this problem. Before you go stick tin foil in one of the RCA ports though make absolutely sure that the connector at the bottom in said port is worn away because once you put the tin foil in there you'll never get it back out.


Also I originally did as you did by trying to lower the volume of all the other speakers to match the front right one but I lost so much volume that it was too quiet for me at 100%. Best $60 dollar surround sound speaker ever though. It's looking like I won't have to replace them for awhile longer. Crossing my fingers on hitting the ten year mark. Also I would like to thank logitech for making such quality products. These speakers are built to last and in the 8 or 9 years I've had them this was the first problem I've ever had with them which can be attributed to normal wear and tear. My friend has a newer logitech model than the ones I'm using and the volume level and sound isn't quite as clear or loud so I'm glad I didn't have to upgrade them.