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S-120 Speaker System problem with feedback

I recently bought the S-120 speakers to use on both my computer and cell phone.... however as soon as I plugged them in and turned them on, I get horrible static and feedback. Its not constant, but very nearly so. It ranges from low to higher noise, and it does not matter if I am playing any music or not... does not even matter if I have the green plug plugged into anything. Ive tried moving them away from computer, away from monitor, away from phone... nothing seems to help. Any ideas?

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Re: S-120 Speaker System problem with feedback

Hi Mithril49,


Test your S-120 speakers on a different source such as an MP3 player.  You can simply plug the speakers in to the headphone jack on your MP3 player.  If your problem persists I would suggest contacting Customer Care in your region for further assistance and a possible warranty replacement. 


I hope this information was helpful.

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