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Z5500 Wire Diagram (Testing Voltage at Subwoofer)

Hello, I am looking for the wiring schematic of the Z5500 VGA cable that connects the subwoofer to control pod. The main thing I am looking for is the pin that supplies power to the control pod. The reason I am asking for this information is because I would like to test to see if my subwoofer is outputting power or not since my control pod no longer turns on (stand-by). If there is power being outputted from the subwoofer I will know that it is indeed my control pod that is dead. I have already found a source to get a replacement subwoofer or a replacement control pod, but I would like to figure out which one I need.


I plan on just using a voltage tester in the power pin on the back of the sub (will probably use an external ground unless I find out which is the groun pin also), but if anybody can suggest an easier way to test this I would appreciate it. As of right now I assume my control pod is the one that is dead because when I flip the power switch on my Z5500 a lamp that is on the same surge protector flickers, which I assume indicates the sub is indeed getting power. I was also going to remove the fuse from the sub and flip the switch to see if the lamp still flickers or not, another thing I am going to check is to see if the sub hums like it usually does with the setup on stand-by.

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Re: Z5500 Wire Diagram (Testing Voltage at Subwoofer)

Hi Logitech does not give out any wiring schematic for any of there products.

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Re: Z5500 Wire Diagram (Testing Voltage at Subwoofer)

Have you tried any online searches?

I found some data on my Z2300's that way.

Though take the posters findings as that. I did find a few discrepancies when I signal traced my Z2300.