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Z5500 power cord?

I bought a new Z5500 about a year ago and am now just setting it up on a new computer. Seems one of our dogs chewed the power cable about 8" from the unit ( no kidding) and now I can't seem to find the remaining cord anywhere. Logitech says they have no such parts available. 1) can any power cord be spliced onto the main unit? 2) does this unit have a power adapter or is the power cord straight from the unit into the electrical socket. If I need an adapter, any idea where I'd get one and which one I'd need?


Seems such a shame to not be able to use a perfectly good speaker system just because logitech doesn't have the part.

Many thanks.

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Re: Z5500 power cord?

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Hi no there is no power adapter and you should be able to splice in a good quality power end. I have done a quick measurement on the power cable and it seems to be about 5 ft total length I would not go much over that in length.Also I would Solder the splice wires makes a better connection.