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Z623 speaker POP

Just installed new z623 speakers under W7 64 bit Ultimate.  They work fine, except for 2 issues:


1.  Every time system is powered up or down there is a loud POP.  Speakers are not "on" until W7 is fully up.  Speakers are always "on" even if system is off.


2.  The speaker volume is so low it cannot be heard unless I turn the volume control at least 1/2 way up, then it sounds OK.  This may be the reason for the loud POP above, as I must have the volumne control so high to hear music properly. The "system sounds" are being transmitted normally, while the music sounds are very low.  What can cause this?  I have placed all controllable volumes in W7 to max levels to try to fix, but no difference.  Thanks.

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Re: Z623 speaker POP

Hello nodnyl,


Have you tried the speakers on a different source? If you have and the problem persists, I would suggest contacting support in your region as it sound like a hardware problem with the speakers.



Kind Regards,

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