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s150 USB speakers not working after restart

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Okay, so after my computer has been restarted, my speakers won't work unless I go into device manager and uninstall/reinstall the drivers. The ports work just fine with all my other devices ( Logitech webcam and wireless mouse/keyboard) and at first if I tried using a different USB port it would install it automatically, as if they hadn't been installed before. Now I've run out of fresh ports. This isn't so bad, since I can force them to work, but it would be nice to know what's causing this or perhaps how to fix it. I'm running Windows XP SP3, and everything is up to date. Any help is appreciated =)

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Re: s150 USB speakers not working after restart

My speakers just quit on me whenever they feel like it.  I have the S150 USB speakers too.  So, I need to reboot to get the audio back.  All my audio disappears.


Secondly, I can't make them go louder!  I know others in the forum are complaining theirs is too loud...not mine.  Mine won't go loud enough.  I'm very unhappy with these speakers. 


I bought them to replace another set of logitech speakers because the loudness button broke and the only way I could increase the volume was to stick a pencil or other sharp object into the hole...but that stopped working too after a while.


What's with these speakers anyway?  Why are they not perfected yet?  They are not rocket science.