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z-5500 wiring - install guide pictures 2b, 2d and 2e


New to this but I think I got it.  Take a stereo output  to pod and use either the Pro Logic II Movie or Music and DIrect setting to convert analog to surround sound.   I'm guessing this is not a true 5.1 sound.   But how close is it?


As to wiring in picture 2b

1. use to RCA jacks - 1i left and 1 right

2. use Y connector to merge 2 RCA jacks to a TRS stereo female mini jack

3. use single male TRS stereo mini jack to 3 wire male TRS stereo mini jacks


My issue is this -

a. has anyone tried (and been successful) in finding the #3 wire above on a Google search?  (you'd be my hero is you have a vendor and part number)

b. is there some sort of combination box that takes the 2 RCA inputs and has 3 TRS stereo female mini jack outputs (one could then use the three wire set that comes in the box.   (you'd be a god if you have a that vendor and part number)


As to wiring in pictures 2d and 2e


My solution is this:

My Samsung BD-1590 and Tivo HD Series 3 each have optical outputs only.  I have to convert one of the outputs from optical to coax. Here's a link to a device that will do that:

Optical Toslink Audio to Coaxial RCA Converter with OPTICAL CABLE


please advise on picture 2b above with product #(s) and vendor links.

Thanks Mike

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Re: z-5500 wiring - install guide pictures 2b, 2d and 2e

Hello there, Did you find an answer to your wiring problem?


I'm trying to get my system set up too and can't find the "Y-Adapters" in the picture 2b either on Google. Maybe I'll try Bing next!


I'm just about to order some other cables now, I think I'm going for Toslink Optical for my Virgin Media V+ box which will hopefully enable me to watch stuff in 5.1, I'm going for Digital Coaxial for my DVD player. I might order another Toslink Optical which I'll swap over if I want to play the Playstation (Once a year boys night on average.), but it's the diagram that you seemed to be struggling with that I can't figure out either. It suggests I'd be able to have a 3 pronged Y-Adapter plugged into the control panel which I could have either my mp3 player, portable CD player or laptop plugged into. Ideal! I could also plug my Wii into it if I then had a further 2 pronged Y adapter. But where are these 3 pronged Y Adapters?


Please reply if you've found a solution!