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Squeezebox Duet and no internet

Hi All,

Today I got my squeezebox radio and squeezebox duet. I have a router connected to a laptop with itunes and squeezecenter running but there is not internet on this system. The router just allows deviced to connect to the laptop. I opened the radio first, connect to my normal wifi which has internet to register it and when it had completed I connect to my media router and was able to play my itunes library. I then opened my duet, connect to my internet router, did the software update to get rid of the pin thing and registered it on my squeezebox. Like with the radio this was easily done and I could connect to internet radios etc, I then connected my duet to the media router (successfully) and was able to see my library (up to this point my duet and my radio were working exactly the same) however when I click connect it waits about 30 seconds then says cannot connect, I dont know why as the radio can connect fine and its the same setup. I've tried factory resetting my duet and trying to connect with the radio off, I've tried turned dhcp off on my router to use a custom ip but nothing works it cannot connect, it can clearly see the library is there and I can even control my radio with the duets handset but it doesn't want to work independently.

Any help woud be greatly appreciated,