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Logitech G25 steering wheel axis confusion

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Hi there i am new to this forum and the reason for this is that i haven`t got any problems with Logitech products till now.At the moment nearly everything at my room is with the logitech logo - Z5500 sound system , DiNovo bluetooth keyboard and mouse , quick cam sphere and so on .
Yesterday i decided to buy one more logitech product - the G25 steering wheel. The main reason for this was GRID. I installed the latest gaming software - 5.02 followed every instruction and everything looked just fine.Then i started GRID and when the race began everything went wrong - the car began moving backwards instead of forward , there was no brake , when i press the clutch pedal the car start moving forward but with the brake looking like pressed and all i can see on my screen is smoke - my friends started making jokes and loughing at me Smiley Happy. Something is wrong. I decided that the problem is in the settings and i started to dig in logitech profiler and the in game options but nothing changed some things even went worse.So i accepted the fact that i won`t play GRID at the moment and tried rFactor - the CD that came with the G25 package.Funny thing is that i faced some problems with it too. After twenty minutes in the options i managed to make it acceptable except that i had no 1st gear with the H shifter. Today i will try some other games but i don`t have much hope that everything is going to be alright. I think that there is some kind of software problem please advice me what to do.
My PC is running Windows Vista Ultimate 32 bit.
P.S : I read in some other forums that there is a problem with Windows registry causing this axis confusion and with the next Logitech gaming software everything is going to be fine but i don`t want to wait for it . I want to play now! Smiley Happy
Update : After all everything seems to work with rFactor.I still don`t know what to do about GRID it still acts strange and don`t let me customize the pedals as they should be.

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Re: Logitech G25 steering wheel axis confusion

First, download the latest patch for Grid. I think it's 1.2 and it's about 192mb

Grid should have already detected the Logitech G25 and loaded the built in preset for this. You can check it at the main menu, by going to controls, it should say Logitech G25 at the top.

So if you've been fiddling with anything, reset all control settings to the defaults, in both the Logitech Profiler and Grid.

In Logitech Profiler, under Options, Global Device Options, Set steering degrees to 900, it defaults to 200 Smiley Happy (Defeating the point of buying this over the MOMO)

Also make sure the "Report combined pedals" option is unchecked.

Then everything should work perfectly.