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Profiler 4.60 says "can not detect any game controller"

Hi there, maybe someone has an idea how to get rid of this?
I got a new DFP wheel and installation of the profiler/driver software went fine under XP.
I can see the wheel as game controller and test it there.
The problem: The pedals are not moving in the game controller settings (in games they work, no problem in games as such with the wheel)
I can not save the extended setting, e.g seperate break and accel pedal. (this is the main problem, I could live without the profiler)
If I start the profiler it looks for games to profile and then shows the errormessage "can not detect any game controller..."
Why could I install the wheel and use it in games then? Smiley Tongue
What I tried to fix: Disconnected all USB devices. Reinstalled driver/profiler. Didn't help.
Checked the Logitech support, but found nothing related.
Ah yes, before I used the yellow formula wheel and it had the same prob lately with an older profiler software.
Any input is highly welcome.
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Re: Profiler 4.60 says "can not detect any game controller"

I have heard of that happening when the input.inf or input.dll file are corrupt or missing.