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Question on G25 pedal for flight sim's rudder

Hi all, I'd like to use the G25 pedal to control rudder for flight sims. Currently I've linked up the gas and brake pedal's axis and they work well now (gas for right rudder, brake for left).


Now I wish to swap the clutch and brake pedal, so my left foot can set in a more comfortable position, and also the clutch pedal isn't so hard compared to the brake. However I couldn't figure a way to do so...


Here's what I did, I tried the "Map clutch to brake" & "Map brake to clutch" thing in the Logitech Profiler. But nothing changed, brake is still brake (i.e. left rudder). Or is there a way to link up gas and clutch axis as one, but not brake as we usually do?


Any gamers tried this set up and success? Thanks alot