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Rumblepad 2 - wont recalibrate...

Hey guys, yes I have tried the calibration thing, anyway when I first tried this with the software on the CD it worked, then I installed new software as I figured, ok I have vista, so I should use the new software, now when in regular mode the joysticks always show input even when not pressed. I tried reinstalling the old drivers, same thing is happening, I thought it was the software so I installed Xpadder, and this is the program thats actually showing me that the mini joysticks are sending a signal, even tho the logitech software/receiver don't show that it is, but it obviously is because in my games the mouse is always flying off to the sides.

Im not sure what to do about this, I don't know if the pad is broken, if so it would see, like the software/receiver would be showing data being transmitted, but they aren't, but a crappy 3rd party program is and the games prove it. So I think its a driver thing, getting a new controller probably wont help, however I might if no one has any ideas and of course if that dosen't work I guess Ill return it for something else.