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Steering Wheel with Driving Force, is it worth ???

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Today I received a Driving Force Ex in order to play racing games with PS3.

After a few hours of testing it with GRID DEMO my conclusions are:

- Driving force (at least the EX model with Grid Demo game feels like having your 5 years old brother grabbing the wheel when you are racing and trying to make you crash while you concentrate to keep the line on the race track! It doesn't make it anymore realistic, only makes the game disgusting to play waving the car from side to side and making the wheel harder to steer when you need it most at hand!

It doesn't mimic the obstacles or driving situation on the track like it was supposed.
For example, when you are about to loose the grip in a tight corner the force feedback doesn't make you feel it. Or when another car hit you, it also doesn't give you a real feedback of the situation.

All it seems to do is take your car out of the line all the time without helping you with real feedback at all on the grip or bump situations.

While playing with force feedback ON, I could not finish any race at all.
But as soon as I shut it off I can manage finish between the 10 fastes cars, sometimes 2nd or even 1st with a bit of lucky and good concentration...!

So, what is the function of Force Feedback ??? Make your playing experience worst?!!!
Or is it only Force Feedback EX that is that bad?

How G25 and the others wheels models compare to Driving Force EX ???
Are they worthless too?

Right now all I wish is a bigger wheel with 900 degrees turn and NO Force Feedback to spoil my fun!

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