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World of Warcraft

Hey I just bought the dual action gamepad and im wondering if there is any way to canfigure it for World of war craft. When i set up the profile and use it in game it doesn't do anything no response whatsoever. It works with other games but not wow. 
aside from that how can i set axis to mouse movement?
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Re: World of Warcraft

Yes, there is a way to use a Logitech device in World of Warcraft. I figured it out only after ruining the ligaments in my fingers using a mouse 12+ hours a day for 4 months playing WoW. You cannot achieve the same prolonged gameplay intensity using a mouse that you can with a gamepad, I discovered. I quit WoW for about a year, until I discovered the solution. Now I'm just getting back into it.

Unfortunately, "Profiler", the gamepad controller software that comes with Logitech devices, isn't the answer. I've never had a single problem with Profiler in any game or app ... except WoW, so I'm not complaining about Profiler at all. I just wish it did what XPadder does for WoW.

Search and download XPadder. There is an online video here How to play WoW on a gamepad. (If this link doesn't work, search "youtube How to play WoW on a gamepad" to find the video.) I didn't make and don't endorse this video as the end-all of how-to's. But it will get you started. In the video, the guy is setting up a Logitech Dual Action gamepad. I have a Logitech Cordless Rumblepad 2, and am achieving equal success. You'll want to download both the XPadder program, and an image of your specific input device, from the XPadder site. I've installed XPadder in an XPadder subdirectory I created in the Logitech/Profiler directory, btw.

You will still have to use a keyboard in WoW for some things (only so many keys available on a gamepad). You'll only use one analog thumbstick for all mouse control, and need to assign a button or three as mouse buttons so it operates JUST like the mouse in the game. And although the video shows instant results, you'll want to tweak out your analog stick, because while walking any vertical movement is too fast (moves view up and down), but slowing it down too much slows the mouse-cursor. There is a way to adjust all this within XPadder. I'm just getting things started myself, but it's enough to know that a lot of tweaking is desirable (and available).

If anyone has any questions or needs further assistance, please respond to this message and I'll be happy to help. I'd rather do it here for all to see, than repeatedly e-mail the same responses. I have "E-mail me if" checked so that I'll be notified of any requests for help.

Happy Gaming! - Jim