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S-150 will not install in windows 7 code 1

I have tried everything I have found on this forum and on the net. The speakers will not install. It keeps coming up with an error upon install (Device driver software was not successfully installed) and asks to reinstall the driver which always fails. I have tried installing it with no other USB devices attached and still no go.


Error: This device is not configured correctly (Code 1)


My system specs

Windows 7 32bit


2gig ram

Nvidia 780FTW

1kw PS

2x 9800GTX

2x 250HD in RAID 0


Any help would be appreciated!

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Re: S-150 will not install in windows 7 code 1


You posted:

"(Device driver software was not successfully installed)"

The device driver is supplied by the operating system.

The error means the drivers are corrupt in your OS.

This is usually caused by an incomplete or failed Windows Update.

Use System restore to go back a few days and try again.


Thank you for your post.

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