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Multiple Bluetooth Audio Devices?

Hi guys,


Recently I got the Logitech Bluetooth adapter to connect my sound system with the laptop. However, I would like to add another wireless speaker which should operate simultaneously. Is it possible to establish two audio bluetooth connections? My operating system is Windows 7.


Thanks in advance.


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Re: Multiple Bluetooth Audio Devices?

Hello kalle557


You can connect more than one bluetooth audio device to your computer but Windows is designed to use one audio device at a time only so you can't use the two audio devices at the same time.



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Re: Multiple Bluetooth Audio Devices?



Not strictly true...


Windows supports multiple simultaneous audio devices, but you might have trouble finding applications that allow you to take advantage of that easily.



Some applications, e.g. iTunes, only use the device that has been nominated as the "default". Others like Windows Media Player allow you to choose which output device to use.



So you could have iTunes playing through one device and Windows Media Player through the other simultaneously.


And of course you'll need hardware that provides multiple outputs.


In short, probably not a very practical proposition