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Google+ Hangout crashes Vista with Quickcam Orbit webcam

Quickcam Orbit works fine standalone & with Skype. Also works when joining a Google+ Hangout started by someone else. But when starting a Hangout, crashes computer (BSOD) with PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED AREA  error. If disconnect camera, and start Hangout, no problem. Have minidump created when BSOD comes up. Have latest driver for webcam installed. Any suggestions? 

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Re: Google+ Hangout crashes Vista with Quickcam Orbit webcam

Hello DanaEddy,


This sounds like there may be more than one program open that is trying to take control of the camera locally and is crashing your video driver. Make sure that all programs that use the webcam are closed before trying to host a Hangout. Please post your minidump information from you BSOD so we can look into this issue a bit more. 


You may also find useful information from Google Hangouts support from this link



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