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HD video calls and Skype

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To make an HD video call using Skype, please download version 5.0. This version of Skype will allow you to video chat in 720p HD from PC to PC.


 You will need to meet the following requirements to get 720p HD calls on Skype:


  1. Logitech HD webcams C270, C310, C510 and C910
  2. Recommended Quad Core CPU
  3. 1 Mbps upload and download internet connection
  4. A display screen that supports 1270x720 or higher resolutions

A note about certifications:


There currently is no such thing as Skype HD certification. The available levels of certification are:


Skype certified: This means the product has been evaluated by Skype at a maximum resolution of QVGA (320x240) and bears the standard Skype certification logo.


Skype High Quality Video: This is another level of Skype certification, meaning the device has been evaluated by Skype at a maximum resolution of VGA (640x480) and bears the Skype High Quality Video logo.

While there is not a Skype HD logo or certification badge, there is a spec for HD devices to meet. Webcams can have either the standard Skype certified or Skype High Quality Video certifications and be enabled to broadcast in 720p HD on the Skype network if they meet this spec, which the listed Logitech webcams have.