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How to enable AEC for C920 or C910?

I couldn't find how to turn on AEC for the C910 microphone.  Steam voice chat doesn't seem to have any echo cancellation built in.  


So I bought the C920 thinking it might improve the situation.  It does not.  In fact it is a little bit worse due to the mic being more sensitive.


Is there a way to turn on the hardware AEC?  I couldn't find the option.


I downloaded the full installation package from the logitech site, I assume it has the most recent drivers.

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Re: How to enable AEC for C920 or C910?

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These webcams come with built-in dual stereo microphones with automatic noise reduction. You could try to launch the webcam controller while you are on a video call and under webcam options put a check mark where it says Right Sound, this may help you get clearer sound.

If you are using these webcams on a Windows OS you can also try turning the microphone volume down from the Control Panel, and if you are on windows 7 you can un-check the box that says "Listen to this device".


You also wrote that you downloaded the latest driver package from Logitech website, but these webcams don't work with the same software.


The C920 works on Logitech Webcam Software version 2.4. The C910 with version 2.3 on Windows and 2.1 on Mac.

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