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Low Upload Speed= 720p or lower webcam?

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My upload speed is a low 0.54Mbps.


Would it be wiser to purchase a 720p or lower quality webcam instead of a 1080p one? How does upload speed affect quality? Does it matter?


Is there a way to downgrade settings of 1080p/HD webcams to produce lower quality images in order to compensate for the low upload speed?

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Re: Low Upload Speed= 720p or lower webcam?

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Hi SVal, 


I see that you have some questions regarding the upload speed and the recommended resolution for it. I'll be happy to answer your questions.


The upload speed affects the performance of the webcam when you are making a video call. If your upload speed is low the other end would not receive a good quality image of you. With the Logitech Webcam Software, you can choose the resolution for pictures and for video, but the Video Conference software that you choose to use would need to support these kinds of changes. For example: Skype doesn't allow the user to choose the resolution for a video call, it automatically adjusts it depending on the available bandwidth.


I don't really know how wise it would be to buy a webcam with a lower resolution, because I don't know which video conferencing software you are planning to use. I suggest you visit your preferred video calling provider’s website for exact information on system and performance requirements, once we know what we need, I can help you to look for the right webcam.



I hope that you find this information useful SVal, 

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