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Best Low Light Video Webcam



I have an ancient QuickCam Pro 3000 (,en?WT.z_sp=Image) which to this day, still has better low-light performace than a few other cameras I've played with.


I am using this old Logitech webcam to stream live video to myself using Webcam XP, as well as capture 1 frame per minute to play around with time lapse videos if anything interesting happens, e.g. heavy snow fall.  It's basically a quasi-security camera, which probably provides more amusement than actual security of any kind.


I'd like to buy another camera to set-up another viiew, and I'm at a loss to find any meaningful comparison tools for low-light video performance.  The very old QuickCam Pro 3000 can nearly see in the dark.  Point it out the window at night, and it can see better than any built-in webcam I've ever used, a cheap IP camera I have, and a cheap X-10 analogue camera.


Which current Logitech Camera's would be as good (or better) in low light as my old QuickCam Pro 3000?  Compared to some fixed frame-rate devices, I have noticed that the old QuickCam Pro 3000 does appear to do a variable frame rate, and increase the per-frame exposure.  Low light video is a little grainy, but impressive all the same.  I'm also impressed that the sensor hasn't been scorched by the sun over the years.  It gets hit by the sun directly at the top of the frame in the winter, and so far, no streaking!


Better resolution is also welcome, of the 1.3 MP and 2.0 MP cameras, some still only do VGA video?  Which ones can do 1.3 MP or 2.0 MP video?


I'm looking for the most affordable, VGA or better webcam with excellent low-light video ability.  A 1.3 MP model is appealing, mainly because I'd like better than VGA detail, but the old P4 2GHz this runs off of doesn't meet the minimum system requirements for a 2.0 MP camera.


Thanks for any help or suggestions!



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Re: Best Low Light Video Webcam

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