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C910 Cannot focus at infinity



I'm trying to use my C910 webcam for an outdoor view. After purchasing 2 of these at the local Costco, I've determined that the webcam cannot optically focus at infinity, but rather is limited to about 3 feet out.


If I try to manually set the focus, the camera's focus mechanism stops about half-way through toward the infinity side like it's been limited in the camera's firmware. Therefore, I'm not able to even force the camera to focus at infinity. I can imagine this is done so that the auto-focus doesn't lock on to someone's background when using it as a video conference device, but it should have an override.


Is there a hack that I can download or attempt that will enable the camera's ability to focus (optically) at infinity? Otherwise, they both get returned.





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Re: C910 Cannot focus at infinity

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jp_from_CO asks -

Is there a hack that I can download or attempt that will enable the camera's ability to focus (optically) at infinity?

Since you appear to be looking for "Developer" related information, please visit the QuickCam® Team website for assistance with this issue.


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