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C920 autofocus not working properly when close up

I have a setup with a C920 mounted on a repro stand for imaging museum specimen labels. Labels are typically about 5x10 cm, so the distance between camera and label is about 15 cm. The problem is, that the camera cannot autofocus on the object! Well, it can, but after putting a label under the camera, it typically do focus, and then immediately goes out of focus. If I then put e.g. my hand under the camera, it focuses on my hand. When I remove my hand, it will focus on the underlying label - and then immediately go out of focus again!

Has anyone experienced similar conditions and have ideas what to do? Setting the camera to manual focus is not possible in the setup - and why pay premium for an autofocus camera, when the advice you get for making it work properly, is turning off the function?

The setup is on a Win 7. But I tested the camera on other setups, including mac OS X and it behaves the same way on all systems, including using other software than Logitech.

Quite annoying and making the camera almost useless to me, which is a pity, as it, when it on a rare occasion DO focus correct, creates very good pictures.

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Re: C920 autofocus not working properly when close up

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Hi chrlange,


Our Logitech C920's autofocus is supposed to behave that way. What I do recommend is to set a manual focus but you mentioned that is not an option.


However, what you can do is fill out a product survey at and include as much detail about this as possible in the comment section and then that will be forward to the appropriate department. That can assist our development team with future features and updates.


Here is more information about our Autofocus feature:


I hope this information was helpful.

Kind regards,

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Re: C920 autofocus not working properly when close up

have exactly the same problem. Was hoping to hookt it up the computer to make how to videos. But the auto focus does not work well.

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Re: C920 autofocus not working properly when close up

I have similar problems with a new C920. The autofocus is not working fine.


I have chosen this camera due to its autofocus capabilities, but if I want to take sharp images (mostly between 15 and 50 cm.) I must disable the autofocus and use manual focus.


It is very frustrating, the autofocus make images blurry!.


Disabling autofocus it is not an option, specially when you take several images, unless you are willing to spend much time fine tunning the focus of the camera for each image. Additionally, I have paid for an autofocus camera, otherwise I would have paid for another cheaper camera.