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Full Screen Software for Logitech C910



I'm trying to use my new Logitech C910 as a teaching aid for my class. My setup is to mount the webcam over a desk and draw on paper as I give my lectures - with the image projected live onto a screen. The live-mapping aspect of my projects are crucial, and after attempting this setup using the Logitech Webcam Software, the 720p and 1080p are unbelievably small, horrible quality, without an ability to view the image live full screen.


Are there any known softwares out there that are able to work with the C910 to produce a nice full-screen image? The poorly written 3rd party software I found to do this very function keeps the webcam at its lowest resolution setting. I would like to view 720p in full screen, live.



- Alex

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Re: Full Screen Software for Logitech C910

Hi Alex,


I'm trying to do something similar, displaying physial textbook pages on a 55" TV and show the marking and moving of the book in real time. I'm using the Logitech Pro 9000. I bought the C910 but returned it when I couldn't figure out how to get full-screen mode. (Pro 9000 and C910 have essentially the same software though.)


Youcam software, however, enables real-time full-screen display. (Just ignore all the goofy visual effects it comes with.)


If you're using Windows 7, go with the 15-day trial. I had flukes on 3 of the 15 days and read that the software has Win 7 compatibility issues.


Let me know if you found how to get Logitech's software to display real-time feed in full-screen mode, or if you already found a good 3rd party software. My 15-day Youcam trial ended, but I don't necessarily want to buy the software due to the flukes in Win 7.




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Re: Full Screen Software for Logitech C910

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Arcsoft WebCam Companion supports fullscreen mode for this cam!