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HD C525 Software installation issue on Windows Vista


Hi, i purchased the Logitech HD C525 Webcam and i'm running Windows Vista Home Premium SP2.


My problem is that every time i try to run the Logitech Webcam Software Installation program that i have downloaded from this site, a window appears on my computer's screen but it is blank.


There is nothing to click, no images, nothing at all. It's like an empty box. The same occurs if i try to run the cd-rom that contains the installation software. I have also created a new administrative user account and i have attempted to install the software there .... i get the same blank window again and again, so i cannot install the software in order to use the webcam i have purchased.


My computer's features are: Windows Vista Home Premium, Service Pack 2, Processor 3.00 GHz, RAM 2GB, 32-bit Operating System, Local Disk:153GB free,out of 232GB


Any ideas,suggestions? i need to solve this asap !!!

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Re: HD C525 Software installation issue on Windows Vista

Ok, so after doing a thorough research inside this forum i finally found a solution to my problem. I'd like to share it with whoever may experience the same problem as mine.


Let me start by saying that i found 3 different suggestions/solutions in this site about issues similar to mine:


1) Booting Clean in windows Vista


2) Delete the little L pseudo operator in the registry, i.e:  HKey-CU>Software>Microsoft>Windows>Current Version>Internet Settings>Zones  (Page 1)


3) Do a silent install of the webcam software (having the webcam plugged in).  (Page 2, Reply by CarterW, Support Specialist)


I opted for the 3rd one and it actually worked!!! Smiley Wink

First of all i put the installation software on a specific folder (in my case the Downloads Folder). Then i applied the instructions, in relation to:

a) the name of the Folder where the software is located.

b) name of the computer's owner.


So i clicked "Start", and in the "search" tab i typed the full path of the installer file with a "/S" switch:
C:\Users\Owner\Downloads\lws230_full.exe /S


This is the Silent Install with all the default prompts and does not open any windows or require any interaction. My problem is finally solved !!!