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Logitech Webcame Software will not start. (Windows 7)

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Hello, I'm having a quite an odd problem with my Logitech 600 Webcam's actual software.  Over the last three hours, after multiple restarts, and reinstalls I cannot seem to get the camera's software at all to start.  I do not recieve any error message, or any notification, the program just, well doesn't start.  I can click on the icon about 100 times I if I wanted to and yet the program doesn't even seem to load enough to start as the cursor icon only changes to the round loading circle for just seconds before going back to normal.  Even before this, the software was having problems with recording my videos at all, as well.  No matter the setting or directory (as I do youtube blogs, so I often saved them to an external drive), the software would lock up and then Windows would simply tell me the program had "stopped working".


This webcam has really served me well up until now, and I do not want to have to take it back to the store for a replacement if the software is the problem.


I'm running Windows 7, on an ASUS G60VX Series laptop, if that helps that all.


Is there anything that I can do to fix this?  Google failed me pretty badly when I last searched for answers regarding this problem before I found this forum.  Any help is appriciated ^_^ Thank you : )

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Re: Logitech Webcame Software will not start. (Windows 7)

I have managed to get the program to start by reinstalling everything, including the drivers, however the camera does seem to have the ability of turning video or picture into a file anymore.  Essentially its, completely dead.  The system can recognize the device, but simply put, has no idea how to use, gets confused and then closes it.


If this is windows 7 related, please tell me that logitech had the foresight to actually make drivers for this OS before releasing this webcam.  It's worked fine for about 4-5 months straight, its beyond conicidence that it just seemingly decides to cause problems now, and it's also causing problems with unrealted programs such as winamp and windows media when trying to view the few video files that the camera had tried to make.

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Re: Logitech Webcame Software will not start. (Windows 7)

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