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Problem with Logitech Webcam Software and Dual monitors

I am running WinXP SP3 with Logitech Webcam Software v2.1 build 13.10.1224 with a C910.

Running a dual monitor setup with a nVidia 9800GT, with the primary on the right and the secondary on the left.


My issue is that every time I start the software it appears in the center on the extreme right of my secondary monitor rather than on the primary, regardless of the nVidia nView settings.  I do not have this problem with any other program.  If I move the program window anywhere else, whenever any setting is changed in the software (adding/removing the webcam controls, changing the resolution) the program snaps back to that same extreme left position.


Strangely enough, if I switch my monitor setup so that Windows thinks that my primary is on the left and the secondary on the right (I did not actually switch which monitor was primary and which was secondary) it opens on the primary just fine. 

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Re: Problem with Logitech Webcam Software and Dual monitors

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