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Quickcam v11.8 Driver for Windows 7

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Ive bought this Quickcam v 11.8 three years ago, and now i wanted to install the cam on my notebook, cause i dont like the cam, that  stucks on the laptop.

But my  new laptop has Windows 7, and when i try to install it, it says that this program isnt compatible , or  there are problems of compatibility.

Where or how can i find the driver for this cam for windows 7?

I tried to contact logitech, but didnt find an adress anywhere that is free..just one global one, but it wasnt valid anymore.


many thanks Smiley Happy




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Re: Quickcam v11.8 Driver for Windows 7

Hello pamuk,


Please match the M/N and P/N , located on a tag attached to the USB cable of your camera, to the correct webcam software download using the information contained in this link :

It is possible that  Windows 7 software is not available for your web camera . If you need assistance determining the availability of Windows 7 compatible Logitech Webcam Software for use with your camera , please post the M/N and P/N .


Best Regards,

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