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USB 3.0 Webcams?

Can you tell us when to expect USB 3.0 webcams?



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Re: USB 3.0 Webcams?

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Per this Wikipedia® article on USB:

"USB 3.0 devices supporting SuperSpeed bus are expected to be available in commercial controllers in the second half of 2009. Consumer products are expected to become available in 2010."

As a "best guess", I would personally say when the following conditions are exceeded:

Enhanced USB 2.0 specification                              =  480,000,000 bps  (480.000 Mbps)

  320x240    x  24-bit color  x  30 FPS  x  (format)   =    36,864,000 bps    (36.864 Mbps)
  640x480    x  24-bit color  x  30 FPS  x  (format)   =  147,456,000 bps  (147.456 Mbps)
1024x768    x  24-bit color  x  30 FPS  x  (format)   =  377,487,360 bps  (377.487 Mbps)

1600x1200  x  24-bit color  x  15 FPS  x  (format)   =  460,800,000 bps  (460.800 Mbps)

The video format in this case is FOURCC YUY2 or YUV422 (format = 2/3).


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