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auto colour balancing on QuickCam Pro 3000?

I am trying to use your camera to do real-time background subtraction (think 'blue screen' like in the movies). To this end, I have the camera mounted and pointing down on a solid (very bright) green background. Whenever I open a connection to the camera, it seems to do some kind of colour adjustment: the background immediately turns grey, and the G channel of every pixel sent out by the cam is very low. White objects appear red or blue. This happens in the software I am writing (using the Java media framework) and in the 'quick capture' software.
My hypothesis is the software is doing some kind of colour balancing, and so is 'fixing' the colour of the scene. I need to turn this off, so that I get a nice, high value in the green channel for the background when running in an RGB mode. I came to this because, when fiddling with the settings, if I change a value quickly enough, I can see the colour balancing momentarily turn off, and see my nice, green background - but it immediately comes back on again.
Can you please confirm or refute my hypothesis, and offer help as requird?
Many thanks for your help.
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Re: auto colour balancing on QuickCam Pro 3000?

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What is the USB\VID ID of your camera, and the version of QuickCam that is installed?

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