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Can anybody tell me why camerahelpershell.exe is loading twice on boot? seems to be dragging system resources down a little, too. Any way to only load one copy, or not load at all?


Little help here...

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Re: camerahelpershell.exe

Could you please post: your OS, your webcam, your LWS software version and a screenshot of the Processes in Task Manager where it is listed twice?

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Re: camerahelpershell.exe

Hi InvinciBILL,


What are the P/N and M/N numbers, located on the end of the webcam cord?


The camerhelpershell.exe is simply the process for the Webcam Controller, and it shouldn't be loading more than once. You can simply remove the process from task manager or perform a clean install of LWS 2.27 to eliminate any possible file corruptions. 


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Re: camerahelpershell.exe

Why do we need camerahelpershell.exe? Reason I ask is that I am testing multiple webcameras to determine which one to recommend to our employees. The problem I have with this process is that when we try to undock our laptop and the camera is plugged into the docking station, windows will not allow us to undock because the camerahelpershell.exe is accessing the webcamera. So, I can't recommend any logitech webcameras as our users will shoot me if they can not undock there laptops. I think logitech should re-think the idea of a helper app that is always resident in memory that accesses a camera that is not in use. Any feedback is welcome.