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pro 9000 - windows connects then disconnects usb

When connecting web cam, I hear the windows ding, will see the web cam pop up in control panel briefly, then hear the disconnect ding, and its gone.


I have had this working before with just using windows 7 basic drivers.  

Ive tried fresh/clean install, using logitech latest drivers.  No luck

Tried another usb port, cam worked briefly, strange,  then just disconnected again.

I have 9 different usb ports.


Im pretty good with this kind of stuff, but just cant figure why windows wont see this thing and keep it.  HELP!




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Re: pro 9000 - windows connects then disconnects usb

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Hello stoenr,


Based on your description, there's a chance that there is no power going through the cord on the USB end of your Pro 9000. I would recommend that you try to test the webcam on a different computer. If keeps disconnecting there, please send an e-mail to your local support team. They will help you check if your webcam is under warranty and, if applicable, to assist you with the replacement process.


I hope that you find this useful stoenr, and that everything works out well.

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Logi Nu
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Re: pro 9000 - windows connects then disconnects usb

Thanks Paulina, I thikn you are right for the most part, I think there is a broken or shorted wire somewhere that is causing it to work randomly.   Purchashed a new c525  will see how she goes.  Thanks again for quick reply!