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I have a CLC-110c,  I'm looking for the manual and software for it.  Also any cables that I may need to get it working.

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Re: CLC-110c

Hello robwill.


I'm understanding you would like to find the software and the manual for the Wilife Spycam. I'm also undetanding you would like to know what cables are needed to get the Spycam to work properly. I'll be more than happy to assist you with the questions you have stated.


To access the manuel, please check the following link:


Please check the following link for the Wilife Command Center software: Please choose the correct operating system your PC is running on.


To answer your last question; You will need the USB Receiver that connects into your Windows PC's hard drive. The USB receiver is the device that transmits the data it receives from your Spycam into your PC.


I hope all this information has helped!

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