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Green light on outdoor camera

Does anyone know what a green light means on the front of the outdoor camera?  The camera is not being recognized by the software and I seem to remember a red light on the front, don't remember it being green.



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Re: Green light on outdoor camera

The green light on the front of the WiLife outdoor camera is both a camera status and motion indicator depending on what status the camera is at.



1. When the Camera is seeking DHCP IP address from WiLife application the status LED will blink slowly at about one blink for each second. Wait for a minute for IP address assignment

2. Camera is waiting to be acknowledged by WiLife application 

Once the camera has received the DHCP IP address it will begin trying to stream video to WiLife application . 

While awaiting for Commander to discover camera, status LED on camera will blink more rapidly, about 2 or 3 blinks per second. When the LED blinking every 2 to 3 seconds indicates the camera is ready to be discovered by WiLife application

3. Camera is streaming video to the WiLife application
When the camera is streaming video to Command Center then the status LED will become a motion indicator 

When motion is detected, the camera LED status light will slowly blink on and off while motion is present and will remain on solid when motion is no longer present 


4. If the camera cannot be found you should try power cycle it or do a hard reset by sticking a paper clip in the reset hole found on the bottom side of camera. If after power cycling or doing a hard reset the green indicator light always stays solid and never blinks then you should call customer support for assistance.

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Re: Green light on outdoor camera

My unit has a solid green light as well...even after hard reset.


I want to repair it as I think I know what the problem is.  Does anyone know how to disassemble the outdoor wilife camera?