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MX500 Mouse supported in Windows 7?

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The MX500 Mouse had no driver for Vista, so would work only as a two-button mouse. Will Windows 7 support the MX500 fully? If not, will Logitech create drivers for the MX500?  (I love my MX500& have used it into my fourth computer.)  I had never had a problem with my MX500 until I upgraded(?) to Vista.    Same problems, anyone?

BTW, why is Rich Text preferred in this forum over HTML?

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Re: MX500 Mouse supported in Windows 7?

I have the same problem...

I love my MX500 and Elite Keyboard... but both are no long supported... I doubt it's hard to support them in SetPoint...

The only explanation I see is to force us to purchase new products.

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Re: MX500 Mouse supported in Windows 7?

i'm in the same position.  really hope that logitech plans on delivering a fix for windows 7 64 bit - this was such a great mouse.

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Re: MX500 Mouse supported in Windows 7?

Last week I upgraded from XP 32-bit to Windows 7 64-bit and I wish Logitech would release a driver for Win7 64-bit! 

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Re: MX500 Mouse supported in Windows 7?

I too think the MX500 is the best Mouse I've ever had - it fits the wrist perfectly and naturally.  I just got my Windows 7 machine and discovered it's functionality is disminished. 

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Re: MX500 Mouse supported in Windows 7?

Why is there no Windows 7 support for the best mouse ever made?

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Re: MX500 Mouse supported in Windows 7?

Finally I got it!!! :smileyvery-happy:


All you have to do is download the actual drivers for MX500 for Windows XP (for me in Spanish are mw9791esp.exe), the version the have now is Mouseware 9.79 (forget everything about SetPoint versions).


Then, once downloaded, right click -> Properties\Compatibility Tab and check  Run in Compatibility Mode as "Windows XP (Service Pack 3)"..... I also choosed "Run this program as administrator"


I installed without plugin the mouse, then I plugged, and Control Panel.... AND THERE THEY WERE!!!! ALL THE OPTIONS!!!!


PS: I think Logitech could made an effort to develop a driver for a NOT SO OLD mouse....  :smileymad:





Lo conseguí!!!!!!


Todo lo que teneis que hacer es bajaros la última version de los drivers disponibles para Windows XP, yo encontré MouseWare 9.79 (olvidaros de intentarlo con las versiones de SetPoint).....


Una vez descargado, le dais Botón derecho, Propiedades y en la pestaña de Compatibilidad marcar Ejecutar este programa en modo de compatibilidad para: Windows XP (Service Pack 3). También marcais Ejecutar este programa como administrador.


Una vez instalado (yo lo hice con el ratón desenchufado).... enchufais el ratón, os vais a Panel de Control\ Ratón y......

TATATACHAAAAN!!!! Ahi teneis todas las opciones para configurar vuestro flamante MX500...


PD: Anda que Logitech se podia haber estirado un poco... que NO ES UN MODELO TAN VIEJO!!!  :smileymad: