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Win 7 64 bit & Wingman Extreme 3D drivers/software

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I have a Logitech Wingman Extreme Digital 3D joystick. I also have a new computer with Windows 7 64 bit OS.  I am DESPERATE for a joystick driver and joystick configuration software that will work in this configuration.  I should also mention that the joystick has a serial port connection at it's end but I am using a serial-to-USB adaptor because the computer has no serial ports.

If ANYONE has a PROVEN solution to this problem, PLEASE PLEASE email me at (personal content edited)  with either the driver and configuration software or an exact link to the same.

I would offer to name my first born after you in exchange for your assistance but my first born is already 24 years old and I am too old to be having any more kids, so you are out of luck there. However, be assured that I will be eternally grateful for any assistance.





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Re: Win 7 64 bit & Wingman Extreme 3D drivers/software

I was able to use the Logitech Profiler version 508 (lgs508.exe) in Win7 32-bit. You can download it from the Extreme™ 3D Pro