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quickcam orbit MP win 7 64bit

I have successfully installed quickcam orbit MP in win 7 64 bit. I can use it in skype but the only problem is that when I do a video conferencing, my friend on the other side tell me that the vide that he receive is freezing randomly. Then I tested the same webcam on my win 7 32 bit machine and my friend told me that the video is smooth unlike the one win win 7 64 bit. Is this because the driver is not compatible in win 7 64 bit? Anyone experience the same thing? Mhy P/n is 861207. thanks

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Re: quickcam orbit MP win 7 64bit

Hi gibot,


Which driver did you use for both system - this camera (861207) is not supported under Windows 7?





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Re: quickcam orbit MP win 7 64bit

I have the Quickcam Orbit (not the MP, the original:,en&b... ) and I've just successfully installed and used the software on Windows 7. Make sure you download the Vista 64-bit drivers for your device, then use compatibility mode set to Windows Vista on the installer file. This should override the check that the installer does to see that it's Windows Vista (and fails because you're on Windows 7). After following the installer and a reboot, nothing special needs to be done to make the software work.


Hope it works for you the way it did for me!