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Playlists: Where Are Some of them Coming From?

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On Windows Media Player, the Logitech DJ Handheld Device comes up with playlists
(seemingly automatic playlists as I haven't created them) that don't seem anywhere
in the Windows Media Player 11.

For example, the Handheld has for Playlists for WMA: (1) Music Tracks played the most;
(2) Music I dislike; (3) Music Played in the last month; (4) Favorites I have not heard
recently; (5) Favorites I listen to at night . . . to name a few. [There are many more].
I've looked at the Windows Media Player software (opened it up) and don't see this
anywhere in the software. Perhaps, I don't want all of this tracked, as it's filling
up the screen with lists I don't want. If it's in the Logitech Software, I ought to be
able to say, I don't want this playlist. I don't see it in Windows Media Player 11.
If it's there, show me where? I looked at Windows Media Player help, and it says:

"To edit an auto playlist,Click the Library tab, and then click the Playlists view
in the Navigation pane. In the Details
pane, right-click the auto playlist you want to edit, and then click Edit."

Now when I click on the library tab, I have primary views and additional views. The primary
views are:
1. recently added, 2. artists, 3. album, 4/ songs, 5. genre, 6/ year, and 7/ rating. I also
have additional views: 1. contributing artist, 2. composer, 3. parental rating, 4. on-line
stores, and 5. folder.

If I click on ratings, there are my ratings and auto ratings (both going from one to
five stars). I'm not sure how auto ratings are generated. But that's another issue. (Because
as an aside, the Logitech device lists the 5 star auto ratings, but not the 5 stars ratings
that are mine) (I prefer the list of my ratings, not the auto ratings, that pick up some crazy

In any event, going back to what I started this post with: where for example in Windows Media
Player are some of these automatically generated playlists that the Logitech handheld device
comes up with, such as: "music tracks played the most," "music
I dislike,"music played in the last month," "Favorites I have not heard
recently," "Favorites I listen to at night," etc. If it's in WMA, I'd like
to change these criteria, if I can, as I don't want it all. I don't see these playlists,
though in WMA 11. If Logitech is picking this up, I ought to be able to change the Streamline
software so it doesn't have these lists.. I don't want the long number of automatically
generated playlists that the Logitech DJ is coming up with. I'd rather select what I get.

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Re: Playlists: Where Are Some of them Coming From?

It's not from the Streampoint software, it's from Windows Media Player or another like MusicMatch Jukebox.
I had the thing happen, but you can select which to pull playlists from.
I unselected my MusicMatch Playlists because I set up the ones I liked in Media Player.
Hope this helps.
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Re: Playlists: Where Are Some of them Coming From?

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It's just that when at the initial Logitech DJ screen for the Handheld,
I click on Playlists, two options come up (with the Logitech Beta 3),
(1) Windows Media and (2) Apple iTunes. Then I select Windows Media.
Therefore, the playlists from iTunes should not be listed. Since I selected
Windows Media, only the playlists in Windows Media should be there.

The problem is that so many playlists are listed (some of which are ridiculous
and I don't want as they fill up the handheld screen with junk), and I seem to
have no control over them. Yes, maybe, if I eliminated in the Logitech Streampoint
software, from the iTunes library the fact that I want the iTunes playlists to be
considered and updated, the iTunes ones would not come up at all.

Still, if on the screen of the Handheld, the software gives me a choice
between Windows Media and Apple iTunes, and I select Windows Media,
the iTunes "automatically generated playlists" SHOULD NOT be coming up.
I have a few playlists in iTunes that I created that I like. Hence, I hesitate to
change the Streamline software to eliminate all playlists from iTunes, since I might
want to select iTunes just so I have access to the playlists there that I created.

What I'm saying is that since Logitech is giving us an initial choice for Playlists,
and I have to select Windows Media or Apple iTunes, it should not (if I select
Windows Media) be throwing at me all of the Playlists from both programs. I should
only be receiving, if I select Windows Media, the Playlists from it. If I select
Apple iTunes, then I should be receiving on the Handheld, the list of the iTunes
playlists. It makes no sense for the two to be mixed together. I mean, why the
initial choice in the software anyway, when I go into Playlists, where the Handheld
requires me to choose between Windows Media and Apple iTunes?

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Re: Playlists: Where Are Some of them Coming From?

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The Windows Media Player Privacy statement provides:

for the clearing of history and cache so history data is not maintained if the user chooses.
And yet, when the history and data are cleared pursuant to the section from the Statement set
forth below, the Logitech handheld player (when the streampoint software is updated for
Windows Media Player after the cleaning) still comes up with an automatic playlist of the tracks
MOST PLAYED (among other useage playlists). Where's it coming from if the Windows Media Player
has been cleaned as set forth below????? This is the statement on how to clear the
Windows Media Player's history and cache from the link above:

"When you play digital media content in Windows Media Player, some file history and media information is
typically stored on your computer. You can prevent it from being stored if you don't want the information to
be available to others who use your computer with the same user account.

Lists of files or URLs that you have played are displayed in the following locations in the Player: on the
File menu (in the list of recently played files), in the Open URL dialog box, and in the Open dialog box.
You can remove the existing lists, and you can prevent the lists from being stored in the future.

To remove lists of files or URLs you have played

1. Click the arrow below the Now Playing tab, click More Options, and then click the Privacy tab.
2. To remove the existing lists, click Clear History. This also deletes any changes that you have made to
the media information for CDs and DVDs.
3. To prevent the lists from being stored in the future, clear the Save file and URL history in the Player
check box.
4. To clear the list of files that are displayed in the Open dialog box, empty the list of recently used
documents folder on your computer. For information about clearing the list of recent documents, see Windows
Help and Support.
Note When you play a file from a Web site, the Web address for that file will appear if you later open the
Open URL dialog box and begin to type a Web address. In this case, a drop-down list appears with the
addresses of previously played files from Web sites. To clear this list, you must delete your Web page
history. For information about how to do so, see Internet Explorer Help."

Either the method recommended by Microsoft for cleaning Windows Media Player of usage data does not work,
or the Logitech software is keeping independent data. One ought to be able to choose which automatic
playlists to maintain in the handheld device. The Logitech software currently doesn't provide for that.
And it seems to force some usage data at the user, even if they don't want it.

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Re: Playlists: Where Are Some of them Coming From?

All of the playlists in question are coming directly from WMP (and I'm looking for a way to get rid of them).

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Re: Playlists: Where Are Some of them Coming From?

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I'm not against some of the automatic playlists, if they're optional with the user.
For example, I really do like the list of the songs the user has rated 4 star and 5 star,
because those are his/her listed favorites, and I can see where one might like to play
them again. Still, the user of the Streampoint software ought to have a choice here on
whether to fill up the screen with them or not to. I just don't want playlists so filling
up the handheld screen that there's no room to put in one's own. For example, why would I
want a playlist, "Music tracks I dislike." Yuch. That's ridiculous. I can't
find that in the WMA 11 software. If it's coming from that software, it must be hidden somewhere.

Now you said these statistics are coming from WMA. Streampoint picks up from Windows
Media Player 4 and 5 star rated [presumably by me]. but then for 5 star rated,
picks up "auto rated at 5 star." The actual WMA software (WMA 11) has
a category, "auto rated at 5 star," and another category, rated by
the "user" {"MY ratings"] at 5 star. The later is far more
significant. I'm not clear at all what "auto" rated means. Who's doing
the rating there. I like this auto playlist as long as
it's "My ratings," not "auto ratings." So the streampoint software
doesn't pick up all of the WMA categories. It's
picking up "auto-rated at 5 star." It ought to be picking up for five
star,"My ratings."

And as I noted in posts above, even when I deleted the tracking data in the WMA
software (cleared cache and history), the streampoint software still seems to be picking
the stuff up. My point here is that the user ought to have a choice on whether it
wants the tracking of usage. Purportedly, WMA gives that choice, by showing how to delete
cache and history.

Anyway, I'm glad, Bill, you're thinking about this issue.

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Re: Playlists: Where Are Some of them Coming From?

I have been having the same problem. Seem the playlists were saved in the 'All Users' documents. Just run a search for *.wpl and they will show up.
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Re: Playlists: Where Are Some of them Coming From?

Having same problem with playlist.  Not in WMP but in Stream Point.  Have made changes to songs in WMP library (changed Genres went from 45 to 15) and Stream Point will not change after updating it several times.  Need help