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X-140 Speakers: Noise, especially on headphones



yesterday, I purchased a pair of Logitech X-140 speakers for my kid's PC, to replace an ged pair of Quadral active speakers, one of which had finnaly given up the ghost. I connected the X-140's, and although there was a bit of background hissing from the speakers when there was no music, when the music came, the speakers sounded quite impressive - just like the demo pair in the shop.


However, when my son plugged in his (Sony) headphones, as he often does, he immedialtly complained about 'buzzing'. I checked, and indeed, the background hissing was much stronger in the headphones. It is at a constant volume, independent of speaker volume or source device (PC, iPod etc) volume settings, and whilst less noticeable when audio content is being played, it is intrusive and annoying during quiet passages or pauses in the audio.


I have checked using different headphones (Sennheisers), I have connected the X-140 to different sources (iPods and a radio), I have connected the iPod to the front input on the right-hand X-140, and I have tried same in a different room to eliminate interference from the PC - all to no avail; the hissing is always there. When connecting headphones directly to the PC (ot the iPod or the radio), there is no hissing. Therefore, the X-140 is introducing the hissing, and this is simply not acceptable. Logitech is a well-known quality brand, but these speakers that I have here are simply not fit for purpose.


(Someone suggested that I somply not use the headphone socket on the X-140, but connect the heaphones directly to the PC - but I want to connect them to the peakers in order to have a volume control, as it is awkeard to pause a program and use the Windows volume settings all the time. Besides which, the X.140 provides a headphone socket; I don't see why it should not be used!).


My question: have I got a defective unit, or do all X-140's have some hissing, especially vie the headphone socket, beacuse of their circuit design? When I take them back to the shop tomorrow, it is worth bothering with replacement X-140s, or would I be better off with a different model or brand?