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Logi Nu
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I am seriously doubting the Logitech Z623--Beware

I have been a Logitech faithful for the last 4 years, but I think it is time to switch to another company's speakers after my Z623 stopped working...AGAIN.


I got a Z2300 in January 2009...that lasted for 3 years until they stopped working, which is chill. I got it replaced with the Z623, and then all the problems started.


The first unit of the Z623 came in February of 2011, and right out of the box, it had a constant crackling/loud popping noise in the speakers and no sound could be played. I returned it right away, and got a SECOND unit, and that worked until October of 2011, only 8 months of use. Same problem again, the speakers could not play anything and was crackling. I then got a THIRD unit, and that lasted until today, yes that is a grand total of 4 months. That's THREE Z623's that I have gone through in ONE YEAR.


Logitech keeps on saying that the speakers I have are defective, but after having three broken in the last year, I think its probably something much deeper.


I do not do anything crazy with my speakers. In fact, I never play it too loud, and have the bass level at 50%, nothing more (I live with roommates and in an apartment complex so I cant ever play it too loud).