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New feature/enhancement request master thread
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Since many of us here have our own wish lists of features we'd like to see added to the Alert system, and many of them have been posted in various threads throughout the forum, I thought it would be a good idea to start one "master thread" for all requests to be consolidated in. We could post all our requests/ideas/suggestions here, collaborate on them, and then vote on the features we think are most important. This may help Logitech identify and prioritize the most desirable features and hopefully include them in their future releases.



Software / Firmware requests


The ability to schedule email alerts. [requested by  akgem1]

I would like to be able to specify the time periods for when email alerts are generated. I only want to see email alerts when no one is at home (let’s say  from 9 to 5, Monday through Friday), but I don’t want to be getting emails every 5 minutes each evening/weekend when everyone is at home and kids are running around the house triggering alerts on all cameras.


The ability to set the length of recording after motion is detected. [requested by  akgem1]

It would be nice to be able to set the amount of time the recording continues after the motion has stopped. Right now, the recording stops when the object leaves my “motion area”, but there are cases when I want the recording to continue a few seconds/minutes after that happens.


The ability to manage the system from multiple PC on the network. [requested by  akgem1]

I'd like to be able to manage my system (change settings, view recordings, etc.) from multiple computers on the network. I have a dedicated headless "DVR" PC setup to run my desktop Commander 24/7 (low power Atom-based PC), and to manage my system, I have to physically connect to that PC. Instead, I'd like to be able to pull up another instance of desktop Commander on my primary desktop PC and do it all from there, while the DVR keeps recording.


The ability to create/manage multiple sites on the same PC. [requested by  akgem1]

It would be nice to be able to create and manage multiple sites on the same PC within the same installation of Commander to get around the "6 cameras per system" limitation. The on-line version of the Commander, as well as the phone apps (Android app at least) already support easily switching between the sites, so it seems like the desktop Commander is the only piece limiting this functionality.


Motion Detection settings [requested by  piDDa]

Even with the new firmware 3.0.187 and Commander version 3.0.241 the motion detection can not be trusted yet unfortunatly. To much false motion recordings (I have set some cameras down to 13 i sensitivity and still they record to much "noise" like snow, reflections etc). So much better improved base motion detection settings needs to be put in place.


Commander software stability [requested by  piDDa]

Improve stability of the software especially when having a 6-camera setup in the live view mode. Also improve the powerline performance. The Logitech Alert system just need to handle normal noisy conditions better.


Active Alert Zones [requested by  chrgeorgeson and   piDDa]


Nightvision Activation Level. [requested by  piDDa]



Hardware requests


Indoor camera w/ night vision

I would like to see a new indoor camera with night vision capabilities. I currently have outdoor cameras installed everywhere (even indoors) just because the indoor cameras don’t have the night vision. I would prefer the smaller indoor cameras to be used in the living areas (for a more “stealth” installation) rather than the bulkier outdoor ones, but I want the night vision option on every camera.