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Web Commander - Status Code Error from multiple sites - worked good for months

I have two 750e Alert Systems running at different sites since April with few problems; one
using Home Plug the other POE.

Both sites have D-Link DIR-655 Routers but no changes have been made to them.

I started getting errors from both sites: An unexpected error occurred – Status Code Error Video Fault: There was a problem getting video from your camera. (408: Request Timed out)

No changes were made at either site and the errors from both sites started the same
day.  I have logged in to the computers at each site using Team Viewer and can find no problems.

I have gone to the sites and can access the cameras using Commander but get the same error
when I try to use Web Commander from the site computer.  One site computer is Windows 7 the other is
Windows XP, the laptop I use to view both sites is Windows 7.  Windows Firewall on or off makes no

No changes were made at either of the sites but the problem stared at both sites at the
same time.  This issue is not computer specific; I’ve tried using Web Commander from different computers and different browsers with the same results.


Any ideas?


Thanks in advance,