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Installing Two Logitech Alert 750e Master Systems in the same house?

I want to find out what is required for using two logitech 750e master systems in the same house (wiring).


I have already used all 6 cameras a commander can support but I need to use 10 cameras for my house.


How can I install additional cameras? I know I need to buy another 750e and 700e for extra cameras.


How does it work? I think I need to setup another computer with commander since a single install of commander can only support a total of 6 cameras. I guess I need to connect to to view all 10 cameras my account since the commander have only six camera support?


If I use the PoE 803.2af switch for the the camera 7-10, do I still need to buy a 750e master unit for the a 2nd system and how does the camera 7-10 gets detected in the commander?


And one last question is that Logitech seems to ran out of the 50' Cat5e cables and it's been a while since it's out of stock.


When will logitech restock them and what are the other supplier who makes these ultra flat Cat5e with short rj45 connectors? I tried but the regular ultraflat cat5e cables with the regular rj45 with the snagles won't fit in the logitech alert cameras.


Thanks a bunch!