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Very important information when wiring cat 5e or cat 6 with PoE switch - how to wire long runs

I hope someone finds this information helpful.


For the last 4 days I have been trying to wire up my cameras on a PoE switch to eliminate the need for powerline equipment.


I made some short 2 foot cables and hooked all of the cameras up right next to the switch for troubleshooting and evereyrthing worked fine.  When I put the cameras in their permanate location with long network cables the cameras could never be found.   This baffled me for 4 days.  I tried different cable, different connectors, nothing worked.


I watched may of youtube videos about how to make my own network cables.  For the most part they say as long as you use the same order of wirings on boths sides of your cable you should be fine.   Well I found this to be my entire problem.


I have no clue why or how this is even possible, Im not even sure if this is only for the cameras or what... but as soon as I switched my wires around in the cat 5e connectors evertything started working perfectly.


This is the correct order (Orange/White - Orange - Green/White - Blue - Blue/White - Green - Brown/White - Brown)  this is what should be showing with tab side down.


Problem solved..  I now have cameras working on 300 foot runs of cat 5e cable.