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Logi Nu
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Logitech Wave not connecting

I am trying to install a Logitech Wave (model Y-RCP140) into a laptop with Windows XP.  When I try to connect, I press the button on the bottom of the mini-receiver and get the balloon in the taskbar that says to turn off and turn on the keyboard/mouse.  When I do that, neither one of them is able to connect.  I have checked batteries and put in multiple batteries as well as tried it on multiple USB slots on multiple computers and same behavior for all of them.


Something else that may help troubleshoot is when I tried to run the firmware update for the mini-receiver I get to the screen where it says to insert the mini-receiver and it will move forward automatically.  It has not recognized the receiver from that wizard screen and I have had to cancel out of the wizard after waiting 7-10 minutes.


Any ideas?  Any help will be greatly appreciated.