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SetPoint - Missing entry in tooltip of tray icon!
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First of all, I'm on XP Home SP3.


A few years ago, I purchased a Bluetooth stick (Type: Sitecom CN-516) and installed the according Bluetooth stack made by Toshiba.

Then, a few months ago,  I purchased a Logitech mouse+keyboard combo (Type: MX 5500 Revolution)

and installed SetPoint 6.32.7 (Driver version: 5.33.14).


Hovering over the tray icon of SetPoint, I found three entries, one for the keyboard, one for the mouse, and one for the Bluetooth stick of the mouse+keyboard combo.


Now, a few days ago, because of a new cell phone that wasn't supported by the Toshiba Bluetooth stack, I had to uninstall this Bluetooth stack and to replace it by the native one from Windows.


After that, in the above mentioned tooltip, I lost the entry for the Bluetooth stick of the mouse+keyboard combo.

I mean, the space of the third line where this lost entry should be, is still there, but it's empty.

(Let me add, at least, this doesn't seem to affect the functionality of the mouse+keyboard combo.)


Several attempts of uninstalling both the Sitecom stick and the mouse+keyboard combo (including the according registry entries) and reinstalling those devices in different orders didn't help.


How can I get back the third entry now, please?