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Logi Nu
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NuLooq Navigator in CS4?
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i got my nulooq navigator last year and since then i got to love the little **bleep**... I'm so sorry that most of the people around here are so disappointed by the software issues, being called a overweight paper holder or an abandoned Logitech child. For me it only made things smoother in Photoshop, After Effects and other software. It is really sad that Logitech is slowly abandoning this little gizmo. I had to order mine from abroad because I couldn't find it in local shops, and I don't know other persons who use it around here, except me. I paid like 100 euros for it, but I don't regret a dime because it really served it's purpose and it turned out to be a great investment.

Recently I switched to Adobe CS4 and nulooq is not working anymore, well at least the core functions - panning and zooming, because the rest is just assignable.

is there a way, where Logitech or anybody might release a plugin or something for CS4? I wrote this topic because I couldn't find almost anything on this matter, but looking closer at the situation and the previous discussions, chances are kinda grim for the nulooq users. Help?


PS: Nulooq users, dont sell your gadget. Someday it might be worth a lot. Like a collectable or something.

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